Information Links

Information about (with picture)~General Choi, Father of Tae Kwon Do

Qi Journal - Traditional Chinese Medicine Info, Acupuncture points, culture, etc.

Infinity Kenpo, Lee Bachman Kenpo Karate

Ashihara Karate International - a system based on Sabaki - the combination of defense and offence into one

Vendrell Martial Arts Excellent martial arts center on the Big Island of Hawaii, with sifu Michael Vendrell, Yee Chuan Tao master.

Hawaii Pictures Beautiful, relaxing pictures of Hawaii for use as wallpaper or to send as postcards.

Martial Fitness Good site with lots of info on training and fitness for the serious martial artist.

Yee Chuan Kung Fu Dedicated to the most ancient of kung fu disciplines, as taught by Sifu Chee in Kona, Hawaii. Also Tai Chi and Chi Gung.