Board of Directors ResponsibilitiesSensei John Kyle and students

  • Help guide this organization
  • Make decisions toward its mission goals
  • Help promote this organization for new members
  • Contribute information as you see fit and often as you find time in your area of expertise.

Board Member Benefits

  • Validation of your status and commitment in martial arts excellence by association to our international organization
  • Establish your web presence in your free Bio page professionally designed and available on the internet
  • For those with websites, we provide direct links to your website from ours
  • Receive a free email address in our organization (like: and that address can be forwarded to wherever you currently receive your email (like to You are encouraged to use this new email address.
  • Publication of your article contributions solidify your expertise in the subject you write on
  • Contribute to the world-wide martial arts community by nominating other qualified people to be on the Board of Directors and recruiting for new members
  • Receive UMAO business cards with your name and email address (in a computer file for you to print from)

Submitting Board of Director’s Bio

Please email the following information to us along with photo(s) if you have one to:

Full Name
Mailing Address (if requested, only your City and State will be listed)
Phone number: Will not list unless you request it
Your email address
Your website URL
Area(s) of Expertise
Style of Martial Arts (list all)
School (if applicable)
Any titles or credits (if applicable)
Years of MA training
Other interesting bio info

UMAO Disclaimer

UMAO reserves the right to withhold publication of articles that are deemed to be out of line with our Mission Statement and revoke membership rights to any member. We may also exercise certain copy writing skills to edit articles as necessary without changing the content of the article to assure a higher reading absorption level. The publication of any articles contained herein does not constitute UMAO's endorsement or stand on issues involving such articles. UMAO does not purposefully infringe on anyone's copyrights. If you believe any published articles have infringed on your copyrights, please contact us for immediate removal.