Mission Statement

To unite martial artists worldwide from many styles, different views and different countries to arrive at one purpose, one goal -- to unite all practicing martial artists together. This is because the martial arts are not about separation, nor is it about whose style of arts is better, nor the strong against the weak but it is about protection, self-defense, protecting one another, promoting love, peace, and harmony. As practicing martial artists, our members are encouraged to provide and extend this ideal so we can, in our own small way, help bring the world together by protecting and educating those who are vulnerable to the brute evils of this world.

A Word from Our Founder

Aloha and welcome! It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I hope thatChee with sais you will take that first step in joining us to fulfill our mission of martial artists unity. It is my vision that together we can create a much needed support base for martial artists everywhere. Here in cyberspace, you can find knowledge, share information, help each other to create a better and safer world through the understanding and support we gain from each other across the nations.

I have had the good fortune to have had excellent martial arts instructors throughout my 25+ years of training, who without reserve, passed on their knowledge from their martial arts masters to me without holding back any secrets. I would not have had the accomplishments that I have today if it were not for their dedication to martial arts excellence and their graciously transferring their knowledge to me. Come, share my vision, take the first step, join me in helping create a unity of spirit in the martial arts. Your style of martial arts is unique and your knowledge is valuable. Help us and let us help you. Together let's make this world a safer place. Chee, Founder, UMAO

UMAO Disclaimer

UMAO reserves the right to withhold publication of articles that are deemed to be out of line with our Mission Statement and revoke membership rights to any member. We may also exercise certain copy writing skills to edit articles as necessary without changing the content of the article to assure a higher reading absorption level. The publication of any articles contained herein does not constitute UMAO's endorsement or stand on issues involving such articles. UMAO does not purposefully infringe on anyone's copyrights. If you believe any published articles have infringed on your copyrights, please contact us for immediate removal.